Basic Civil Engineering (3110004)

BE | Semester-1   Winter-2019 | 08-01-2020

Q3) (a)

Give necessity of town planning.

The buildings should be built in good environment. Therefore, buildings and towns are planned to give more comforts and convenience to the people.
It a town is not properly planned, following undesirable situations may develop in future which a town has to face in the absence of town planning:
  • Defective road system, increasing the traffic congestion, heavy traffic congestions during working hours.
  • The formation of slums which create unhealthy conditions.
  • Lack of essential public amenities like electricity, water supply, drainage, etc.
  • Insufficient open spaces, parks, gardens, playgrounds and community centres.
  • Haphazard locations of industries and noisy atmospheres.
  • Uncontrolled development of the town due to lack of zoning.
  • Unhealthy living conditions due to lack of essential amenities.
  • Noisy atmospheres, noisy traffic disturb the peace of the city dwellers.
  • Long uncomfortable journey from place of residence to the place of work results in to waste of time.