Software Engineering (2160701)

BE | Semester
  Summer-2018 | 04/28/2018

Q1) (c)Explain Waterfall process model

Waterfall Model

(Figure: Waterfall Model)

  • When requirements for a problems are well understood then this model is used in which work flow from communication to deployment is linear
  • This Model also called as the Classic life cycle or linear sequential model. 
  • When to use ?
    • Requirements are very well known, clear and fixed
    • Product definition is stable
    • Technology is understood
    • There are no ambiguous (unclear) requirements
    • Ample (sufficient) resources with required expertise are available freely
    • The project is short
  • Advantages
    • Simple to implement and manage
  • Drawbacks
    • Unable to accommodate changes at later stages, that is required in most of the cases.
    • Working version is not available during development. Which can lead the development with major mistakes.
    • Deadlock can occur due to delay in any step.
    • Not suitable for large projects