Software Engineering (2160701)

BE | Semester-6   Summer-2018 | 04/28/2018

Q2) (a)

Enlist and discuss the types of Risks

Project risks

  • They threaten the project plan
  • If they become real, it is likely that the project schedule will slip and that costs will increase

Technical risks

  • They threaten the quality and timeliness of the software to be produced
  • If they become real, implementation may become difficult or impossible

Business risks

  • They threaten the feasibility of the software to be built
  • If they become real, they threaten the project or the product

    Sub-categories of Business risks

    • Market risk
      • Building an excellent product or system that no one really wants
    • Strategic risk
      • Building a product that no longer fits into the overall business strategy for the company
    • Sales risk
      • Building a product that the sales force doesn't understand how to sell
  • Management risk
    • Losing the support of senior management due to a change in focus or a change in people
  • Budget risk
    • Losing budgetary or personnel commitment

Reactive risk strategies

  • "Don't worry, I will think of something“.
  • The majority of software teams and managers rely on this approach
  • Nothing is done about risks until something goes wrong
  • The team then flies into action in an attempt to correct the problem rapidly (fire fighting)
  • Crisis management is the choice of management techniques

Proactive risk strategies

  • Steps for risk management are followed
  • Primary objective is to avoid risk and to have an emergency plan in place to handle unavoidable risks in a controlled and effective manner