Software Engineering (2160701)

BE | Semester-6   Winter-2019 | 14-12-2019

Q3) (C)

Explain software matrics used for software cost estimation

A metrics is a measurement of the level that any impute belongs to a system product or process. There are 4 functions related to software metrics:

·       Planning

·       Organizing

·       Controlling

·       Improving

 Characteristics of software Metrics:

·       Quantitative: Metrics must possess quantitative nature. It means metrics can be expressed in values.

·       Understandable: Metric computation should be easily understood ,the method of computing metric should be clearly defined.

·       Applicability: Metrics should be applicable in the initial phases of development of the software.

·       Repeatable: The metric values should be same when measured repeatedly and consistent in nature.

·       Economical: Computation of metric should be economical.

·       Language Independent: Metrics should not depend on any programming language.

Classification of Software Metrics:

There are 3 types of software metrics:

Product Metrics:

·       Product metrics are used to evaluate the state of the product, tracing risks and undercovering prospective problem areas. The ability of team to control quality is evaluated.

Process Metrics:

·       Process metrics pay particular attention on enhancing the long term process of the team or organization.

Project Metrics:

·       Project matrix is describes the project characteristic and execution process.

o   Number of software developer

o   Staffing pattern over the life cycle of software

o   Cost and schedule

o   Productivity