Basic Civil Engineering (3110004)

BE | Semester-1   Winter-2019 | 08-01-2020

Q1) (a)

Discuss the impact of infrastructural development on Economy of country.

  • Infrastructure is the backbone of nation’s progress.
  • It is a main engine of economic progress.
  • For economic and industrial development of a nation, infrastructural development is a basic and prime need.
  • During 11th five-year plan (2007-2012) estimated investment requirement on infrastructure is near to Rs. 14, 50, 000 crore.
  • Well-developed infrastructural facilities are the key to development of any nation.
  • Most of the infrastructural projects are relating to construction of transportation systems and heavy construction.
  • The infrastructural facilities mainly transport, power, communication, water resources, banking, Science and Technology create environment in which industries and business can grow.
  • Due to the basic facilities which any industry needs are provided by infrastructure hence industrial growth is accelerated.
  • In India due to recent development in infrastructural sector, country has progressed well.
  • Per capita income and Gross domestic product are the economic measures for assessment of development.