Basic Civil Engineering (3110004)

BE | Semester-1   Winter-2019 | 08-01-2020

Q5) (c)

Write short note on BRTS.


  • BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) is a term applied to a public transport systems using buses to provide faster, more efficient service than an ordinary bus line.
  • It ensures fast, reliable, secure and high capacity service.


  • To approach the service quality of rail transit while still enjoying the cost savings and flexibility of bus transit.


  • Considering factors are travel demand, ease of implementation and potential of the route as an independent route.

Advantages of BRTS

  • Greater flexibility in route options
  • Faster development
  • Feasibility of incremental capital investments

Disadvantages of BRTS

  • Lack of availability of dedicated lane capacity in urban areas.
  • Allocation of existing lanes to BRTS may worsen traffic congestion in a corridor.

Types of BRTS

  • Kerb Guilded Bus Way (KGB)
  • Dedicated Lane with Open System
  • Dedicated Lane with Closed System

BRTS in India

  • Rajkot BRTS
  • Ahmedabad BRTS
  • Surat BRTS
  • Jaipur BRTS
  • Indore BRTS
  • Bhopal BRTS etc.